10 Strategies to Grow a Successful and Exceptional

Nonprofit Organization


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Nonprofits are a conduit for making a positive impact in the world, and effective leaders are the key to making this happen.  The better the leadership; the better the impact.

“I wrote this book to make the path easier for other leaders.  Isn’t that what it’s all about – sharing the learning? It is my joy to make that walk easier and the benefits
of the journey more profound.” – Debbie Wilde

The nonprofit sector offers great opportunity for people to find the space to complete their search for meaning.  I want to see nonprofit leaders take seriously the privilege of serving the common good.  At the same time, I want these same leaders to learn how to share their gifts in a profitable way.  Live what you love to do!  Find the place where who you are and what you do, meet!

“The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago.  The second best time is now.”     – Old Proverb 

Myths and Facts of Nonprofit Leadership 

Myth:  Nonprofit work is all about giving of myself.  I should feel guilty to want something in return.

Fact:  Nonprofit work can be a fun, profitable and energizing career.  I can help you make it so!

Myth:  The work of a nonprofit leader is to beg for money.

Fact:  No!  Get off your knees!  I will teach you how to have people begging you to let them help with your mission.

Myth:  Nonprofit leadership wears you down and burns you out.

Fact:  You can be a victim or be responsible.  I will show you how to use that fire to stoke your inner passion not burn you to a frazzled crisp.

Myth:  It is lonely at the top.

Fact:  Well, yeah, it is lonely at the top if you hang-out there by yourself.  Let me meet you there and help you connect to the support and inspiration you need to enjoy that unique vista.

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